Project Length: 3 months; Tools Used: Figma, FigJam, Notion and Miro; My role: UX/UI Designer
CarHub is a comprehensive digital platform for automotive services that allows automobile service providers to offer a wide range of services on a single platform, with a focus on enhancing the user experience, quality, and convenience for car owners.
My role

We’re a Toptal team of 2 Designers and 1 Product Manager, I contributed to the redesign process for CarHub
Collaborated with the team and stakeholders heavily while analyzing the problem and re-designing the solution
User research, Ideation, Prototyping, Test

With the redesign, CarHub's customer and merchant apps are now intuitive and easy to use
Created better engagement with customers and merchants, by providing a smoother and more effective user journey
The redesign has also helped CarHub to create a positive brand image, also to attract new customers and retain existing ones.
With a focus on improving user experiences, quality, and convenience, CarHub provides a seamless and intuitive interface for customers to browse, book and pay for a wide range of services, including repairs, maintenance, and detailing. The platform also connects car owners with trusted service providers, including dealerships and independent shops, and provides real-time updates on service progress, pricing, and availability. With CarHub, car owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their vehicle is in good hands, while service providers can expand their reach and streamline their operations.​​​​​​​
Our Design Process
We had some predefined goals for this project. So we started with a kick-off meeting with the stakeholders and came upon these challenges to meet while going through the design process:
Simplify customer journeys
Speed up the onboarding for users
Make more people do transactions online
Think about a space to advertise on the homepage
Ease the payment and the data entry when it comes to payments
Implement Gamification, especially in the onboarding, activation and loyalty program
Localize the application
Back up all the features by benchmarking and evidence on the best practices
Comprehensive Secondary Research: A key element in understanding the user journeys and the competitors
To improve CarHub's user experience, we conducted a thorough competitive analysis and gathered insights from best practices in the industry. Our team worked closely with CarHub's manager and stakeholders to identify areas of improvement and to understand the competitive landscape. Through this process, we were able to identify key opportunities to enhance CarHub's user experience and develop a comprehensive redesign strategy that prioritized user needs and expectations.
Mapping the Current CarHub Journey

To understand the current applications of CarHub, we’ve gone through the mapping of two apps in FigJam. It helped us to get a great idea about the current navigation and deep-level features.
Data-driven analysis Through Google Analytics

By analyzing the previous data and user analytics obtained from Google Analytics from the previous app version, we were able to identify the pain points and features that caused delays for users. The data provided valuable insights that allowed us to conduct user-centred analysis and align with stakeholders towards a more effective approach.
Ideating solutions starting from the workshops with stakeholders

We initiated the ideation process by conducting workshops with the stakeholders to identify the current features and wishlists for the app. The workshops, which were conducted via Zoom, lasted for three hours and provided us with valuable insights into the Information Architecture of the app.

Using Moscow Table for features prioritisation.

Lo-fi Wireframes on the prioritized features of CarHub Customer and Merchant
Using the information architecture and insights gathered from workshops, we created our initial low-fidelity wireframes. Due to the large number of screens, we adopted a modular approach while designing those wireframes.
We created the first iteration of the design for both Customer and Merchant apps

We are excited to embark on designing the first iteration of the CarHub interface, which we will test extensively. Our design team has created screens based on the wireframes, ensuring that the focus is on usability and interactions at every step. We were committed to delivering a visually appealing, user-friendly design that meets the needs and preferences of CarHub's target audience.

Design from 1st iteration

Final solution Hi-Fi Prototype for CarHub Customer
Impact & future opportunities

CarHub's redesign project aimed to enhance the user experience dramatically. With the redesign, CarHub's customer and merchant apps are now intuitive and easy to use, thanks to their improved usability and utility. The redesign project has helped CarHub to create better engagement with customers and merchants, by providing a smoother and more effective user journey. The loyalty program of the redesigned apps has also been a hit with customers, contributing to a positive impact on the business.
One of the significant opportunities for CarHub is to gather more data about their users' habits and usage frequency. This data can be used to create more personalized experiences for customers and merchants, which would help to increase engagement and loyalty. By collecting data, CarHub can also create more targeted marketing campaigns, which would increase the effectiveness of its advertising efforts.


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